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    3. Business and Human Rights Workbook

    1. What are Human Rights?

    2. Overview of human rights and human rights standards

    3. The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

    4. OHCHR_Brief overview of the UNGPs

    5. Frequently asked questions about the UNGPs

    6. UNGPs vs UNGC

    7. Professor John Ruggie on Business and Human Rights

    8. How human rights are relevant to business

    9. The Business Case for Human Rights

    10. The business case for human rights

    11. Case study I: Starbucks

    12. Case study II: Dyson

    13. Test your learning : Quiz 1

    14. Additional reading - The text of UNGPs

    15. Additional reading - The Relationship between business and human rights

    1. Why we need a law to protect workers, people, and planet from bad business

    2. Voluntary Standards and Legal Obligations

    3. UNGPs in practice

    4. Business briefing on the UNGPs

    5. Key human rights due diligence and reporting legislation

    6. South Korea proposes mandatory HRDD legislation

    7. Case study: Tony’s Chocolonely

    8. Test your learning : Quiz 2

    9. Additional reading - UNGPs: The Interpretive Guide

    10. Additional reading - Japan's Guidelines on Respecting Human Rights in Responsible Supply Chains

    11. Additional reading - Making sense of EU regulatory BHR initiatives

    12. Additional reading - Debating mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence legislation: A reality Check

    1. Defining Human Rights Due Diligence

    2. Human rights due diligence under the UNGPs

    3. An oveview of the key Human Rights Due Diligence steps

    4. ETI Due Diligence Framework

    5. Tool: Human Rights due diligence checklist for entry into new markets (Ardea)

    6. Stakeholder engagement in Human Rights Due Diligence

    7. Meaningful stakeholder engagement

    8. Beyond social auditing

    9. Beyond audit approaches

    10. Case study:Amesys

    11. Case study: Finnfund

    12. Test your learning: Quiz 3

    13. Tool: Recruitment Checklist (Ardea)

    14. Tool: ILO Self-assessment questionnaire (MNE Declaration)

    15. Tool: A Common Framework for Responsible Purchasing Practices (CFRPP)

    16. Additional reading - OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct

    17. Additional Reading - Social auditing and ethical certification: flaws and failures to improve labour conditions

    1. Seven Easy Steps for Companies to Implement Human Rights

    2. Approaching human rights as a journey

    3. M&S Guidance for Human Rights Due Diligence and Remedy: Scope your HRDD approach

    4. An introduction to human rights risk assessment

    5. Identifying and assessing human rights risks and impacts

    6. Prioritising impacts for action

    7. Salient human rights issues

    8. Taking appropriate action

    9. The role of leverage

    10. Tony's Chocolonely's roadmap to 100% slave-free chocolate

    11. Case study: Stora Enso

    12. Case study: Cisco

    13. Case study: Yves Rocher

    14. Testing your learning: Quiz 4

    15. Additional reading - The value of supplier codes of conduct

    16. Additional reading - Effective downstream human rights due diligence: Key questions for companies

    17. Additional reading - Human Rights Due Diligence in challenging contexts

    1. Measuring impact

    2. Indicators Design Tool (Shift)

    3. Key Performance Indicators for SMEs (The SME Compass)

    4. Communicating on Human Rights Practices

    5. Reporting on human rights due diligence efforts

    6. What does human rights reporting involve?

    7. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive Explained

    8. What can companies do to report on Human Rights

    9. The UNGP Reporting Framework

    10. Case study: Total Energies

    11. Case study: BNP Paribas

    12. Testing your learning: Quiz 5

    13. Additional reading - Corporate sustainability due diligence policies and sustainability reporting

    14. Additional reading - GRI 3: Material Topics

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